Acceptance of dowry by Govt. Servants
Acceptance of Gifts
Accountability for delay in decision making
Alteration of DOB of a Govt. Servant
Change of Name by Govt. Employees
Code of Ethics & Values of Services
Confidential Matters

Confidential Matters

Eradication of untouchability

FAQ's of LTC entitlements of Fresh Recruits


Half day Casual Leave

Holidays to be observed by the CGO's during the year 2018

Initial Recruitment-A Govt. Servant if found unqualified or ineligible

LTC-Determination of genuineness of claim

LTC-Recovery of advances

Members of family

Observance of punctuality in Govt. Offices

Punctuality in Attendance

Representation of Govt. Servant on Service Matters

Supreme Court Judgment in the case of Vishakha Vs State of Rajasthan

Travel entitlements of Govt. employees-LTC-Post 7th CPC